region xx not deployed on any region server

ERROR: Region { meta => month_hotstatic,860010-2288000000_201405_5_exit_00000047486,1400144486405.e737a0d96930d3ad31fbcf796c9b8a08., hdfs => hdfs://jiujiang1:9000/hbase/month_hotstatic/e737a0d96930d3ad31fbcf796c9b8a08, deployed =>  } not deployed on any region server.
Trying to fix unassigned region...
14/05/15 17:06:40 INFO util.HBaseFsckRepair: Region still in transition, waiting for it to become assigned: {NAME => 'month_hotstatic,860010-2288000000_201405_5_exit_00000047486,1400144486405.e737a0d96930d3ad31fbcf796c9b8a08.', STARTKEY => '860010-2288000000_201405_5_exit_00000047486', ENDKEY => '', ENCODED => e737a0d96930d3ad31fbcf796c9b8a08,}
14/05/15 17:06:41 DEBUG util.HBaseFsck: There are 9 region info entries
ERROR: Last region should end with an empty key. You need to create a new region and regioninfo in HDFS to plug the hole.
ERROR: Found inconsistency in table month_hotstatic

      hbase hbck -fixAssignments month_hotstatic
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