ERROR: Found lingering reference file hdfs

Found lingering reference异常
ERROR: Found lingering reference file hdfs://jiujiang1:9000/hbase/month_hotstatic/5af24d51488823419d155283441c2d0f/c/9b58bc5e853f445e9f28b98a36da6d04.b330aa24d0e3652ae89e6674fc2b3689

第一种解决:hbase hbck -fixReferenceFiles  month_hotstatic


This looks like you had a failed region split, see [HBASE-8052] ( for more details.

This bug leaves references to parent regions that have been moved in HDFS. To fix, just delete the reference files listed in the HBCK output e.g. hadoop fs -rm hdfs://master:8020/hbase/LogTable/f41ff2fae25d1dab3f16306f4f995369/l/d9c7d33257ae406caf8d94277ff6d247.fbda7904cd1f0ac9583e04029a138487.

Once the bad references are gone the region should be assigned automatically. You may have to do the assignment from the shell, in my experience though it only takes a minute or two for the region to get reassigned. Then run hbase hbck -fix again to confirm there are no other inconsistencies.

 hbase hbck > 1.log 2>&1
 cat 1.log | grep -i "ERROR" 

 cat 1.log | grep -i "ERROR" | awk -F"ERROR: Found lingering reference file " '{print $2}' >a.txt


while read line
        hadoop fs -rmr $line

done < a.txt